Pan America 1 Day Adventure Test ride

20 November 2021 13:16

Here's your chance to join one of the most exciting Adventure Touring rides to date...

Pan America 1 Day Adventure Test ride

A real Pan America test ride! where you can try the soil, the dust, or even where there is no way.

Experience all riding modes Excited with full performance with the most natural atmosphere and a professional team traverses the mountains across the North

Pan America, the best of Adventure Touring. Experience it for yourself.

Pan America 1 Day Adventure Test ride is a test ride activity in which all modes are tested. Meet every riding, performance, agility, excellent design. Design for all road conditions and comprehensive functionality that only you will know better than anyone!

What you get with Pan America 1 Day Adventure Test ride

  • Pan America Test ride: Travel for a full day on any route of your choice across the North.
  • A team of experts will take care of you throughout the trip. I guarantee you will be thrilled every second. And then forget about the same old test drive.
  • Capture impressive photos on the top of the mountain. All these food and beverages are provided free of charge throughout the trip.

what you need to prepare

  • motorcycle driving license
  • Ready to ride wear long pants shoes
  • Keep distance and wear a hygienic mask throughout the trip.

If you are interested in joining this exciting trip, just register in advance for our activities.

Register for a test drive trip Fills out the form below. and wait for the team to contact you back

What kind of Adventure Touring is yours, you have to try it yourself.

Ask for more details

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Pan America 1 Day Adventure Test ride
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